Tips on How to Kill Boredom While Fasting

With Ramadan right around the corner, we see our parents scrambling to go grocery shopping to prepare for suhoor/iftar and we find ourselves dreading the long days of no food and water. Today I wanted to talk to you guys about how it doesn’t have to be that way and how there are healthy & efficient ways you can get through Ramadan!


Before Ramadan starts, get yourself a journal (it helps when it’s decorated in a motivational manner) and reflect. I know the days are hard and all you want is to eat your mom’s homecooked meals and drink a cold glass of water, but put those gnawing feelings in the back of your head and go out for a stroll. Think about things you want to improve on this month. Start with one thing, build up on that. I even have my own duas journal. Every night before bed, I write down any prayers I want to be answered or even just thoughts that I can’t talk about. It’s a great way to relieve stress!

Be a Creep

So don’t actually be a creep. But in Islam, it’s important to take care of your neighbors. Every Ramadan, towards the end of the month, my parents gift little boxes of sweets for our neighbors on our street. Since I live away from home now, I have my own neighbors in my apartment. I plan to bake some cookies or assort Desi or Arab sweets and hand them out to the people on my floor. I know it’s corny, but trust me, my neighbors back at home love my parents for it. Even add a little “Ramadan Mubarak or Happy Ramadan” card to it!

Eid Outfit Shopping

I think my favorite passing time anytime I’m bored is shopping for Pakistani clothes. You don’t want to be left at home while everyone else is at Eid prayer. You have a full 30 days to slay your Eid outfit — use them wisely!


Aside from regular books, there are so many great Islamic books out there. This month I’m going to be working on reading The Revelation: The Story of Muhammad (peace be upon him) by Meraj Mohiuddin. Reading books about the Prophet (S) or the translation of the Quran are great ways to spend your days while fasting.


I know that reading is not everyone’s thing, but another great way to learn during this month is by listening to lectures. There are some great lectures by some great scholars on YouTube that you can watch. Some scholars that I really enjoy listening to are Nouman Ali Khan, Omar Suleiman, and Hassanain Rajabali — give them a listen this month. Aside from YouTube or the Internet in general, check out your local mosque and see if there are any lectures being hosted this month.

These are some of the things I’m going to be doing this coming month; actually…starting tomorrow! Crazy how fast Ramadan crept up on us this year. May Allah (SWT) shower us with His mercy and provide us all with His gifts in this special month and afterward as well. Ramadan Mubarak, you guys!


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