My Eczema Skincare Routine

I’ve grown up constantly getting scolded by my parents to take care of my skin because of its sensitivity. I used to get so annoyed. I always thought, “you don’t have it, you don’t understand” or it’s because of the stress of exams/life that my skin is getting so bad. I always had someone or something to blame for my skin condition. I realized it wasn’t my parents, my studies, or my inability to keep up with life — it was me. I didn’t give my skin the time that it needed.

I’ve noticed that there are so many different skincare routines for treating different skin conditions, but it’s rare when I come across a blog post or video that directs me on how to treat eczema. Being someone who’s dealt and is still dealing with it, I wanted to give my two cents on how I treat my skin.

What is Eczema?

Well, it’s a common skin condition marked by dry, itchy, and inflamed patches on the skin. For me, the most common places it appears is on my neck and inside of my elbows, and I pretty much have dry skin everywhere else. This condition should be taken care of the first time it appears, which, like myself, is in the first five years of your life.

The first step to taking care of eczema is learning how to control the itching. Beat the rash at its own game! Scratching is what makes the condition look and feel a hundred times worse, so not itching that area is rule #1. Aside from the look & feel of the rash, another reason to keep your skin rash-free is the open wounds gives bacteria easy access into your body and could cause an infection.

One thing that I noticed about my eczema as an adult versus my eczema as a child, is that now it’s front and center. When I was a child, my eczema would appear on the inside of my arms, the top of my wrists, and my stomach. Since the skin on our faces is much thinner than the rest of our bodies, my eczema now appears on my eyelids, above my lip, and my neck. And no, makeup does not do a good job of covering dry, flaky skin; it actually makes it look much worse.

Not taking care of the rashes and dry skin that emerges on your skin can lead to discoloration, thickness of the skin, and scabbing. A natural reaction to seeing such things on your skin is not only getting immediate attention but getting immediate results. Take it from someone who’s dealt with eczema her whole life, immediate results never happen. Thickness of the skin and scabbing can be cured within a few days with constant attention and the right ointment. Even with those factors cured, discoloration can persist for weeks to even months, depending on how severe the rash was. The key to avoiding these factors and maintain healthy skin is to continue your skincare routine, not just give it attention when there are blemishes or rashes.

My Skincare Routine for Eczema

I begin my day by immediately hopping in the shower. My eczema-prone body needs hydration at all times of the day. The key to controlling eczema is soothing the skin. Soaking your skin in water and immediately applying your moisturizer afterward not only keeps your skin hydrated for a longer amount of time, but makes your skin feel much better, which is the key to fighting eczema.

To soothe the skin, you need the correct moisturizer. You want to stay away from the fragrance moisturizers or moisturizers that contain retinol or vitamin C, as these work as irritants to eczema-prone skin. Living 22 years, I’ve realized that olive oil works the best for me. I stand in the tub and massage the oil into my skin. If I have visible rashes or scabs anywhere, I apply my prescribed Desonide ointment on the affected areas. Finally, after getting dressed, I apply sunscreen on the skin that will be exposed to UV rays (very, VERY important).

To end my day, I apply a turmeric (haldi) mask on my face, neck, and collarbone area (if you want to know what exactly I include to create my turmeric mask, I can definitely do another post on it, just let me know!). I wait about 20 minutes & I hop in the shower. The only reason I do this again at night is not just because it’s the easiest way to dampen my skin, but turmeric stains easily. I’d rather have it drain away than stain my sink area. Again, I apply olive oil and I turn in for the night.

Let me know in the comment section below if this helped you guys out!

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