Tests from Allah (SWT)

Asalaamu Alaikum,

I think I can speak for us all when it comes to why we are being inflicted with certain tests and hardships. Coming from someone who has gone through hardships of her own, I’d like to give you my two cents on the subject.

Something that I’ve struggled with immensely is understanding that Allah SWT tests those whom He loves the most. The Prophet (S) said: “When Allah SWT desires good for someone, He tries him with hardships.” From my own experiences, the best advice I can give is — STOP thinking that Allah does not love you or care for you because you are being tested. Think about it — which humans were tested the most? In ways we can’t even imagine? Our prophets (AS). Our Prophet (S), the best of creation, the highest of all humans, without out a doubt — he was tested the hardest. The love that Allah SWT had for him is why He tried him the hardest. Another thing these feelings can lead to is the questioning of your Lord. You begin to wonder, “Why is Allah testing me?” or “Is He not pleased with me?” or “How is this a sign of love from Allah SWT?” Let me explain:

You know a guy. To you, he has everything. He grew up with amazing parents, a well-off family, living off of wealth. At school, he was the most popular kid. And I’m not talking about the mean popular kids. He’s a genuinely nice guy and people love talking to him and being around him. He moves onto college and graduates with honors. He ends up working at the top of a huge company and lives the life he fortunately grew up with. What’s missing? He’s never tasted hardship. So Allah SWT, your Lord that loves you so much, says, “My beloved worshipper, I need you to get close to Me. I want you to get close to Me before it’s too late.” So He inflicts you with something that’s hard to deal with: a natural disaster, a car crash, or a heartbreak. These are examples of the first tests that we endure. You have been saved, but something happens to your home, your wealth, or your emotional wellbeing. This is your second chance to make it right with your Lord. He inflicted you with pain so you can come close to Him. You immediately go to the masjid or your prayer mat at home and thank Him for saving you and giving you this second chance.

When bad things happen to you, you shouldn’t ask yourselves “Why me?” you should be asking yourselves if your life has changed for the better after the storm. If yes, it was not a punishment, but wake up call from Allah SWT. And you’ll know that when you see yourself not wasting a second after the adhan to pray, or not going to bed before reading a page of the Quran or the Seerah, or getting yourself to wake up for Fajr (because we all know how difficult that is to do, let’s be real). And if you haven’t felt a positive change in your life, still don’t ask yourselves, “Why me?” because your time is coming, your chance is coming. Re-evaluate yourself and ask if you did change for the better when you were first inflicted with pain. If not, then be patient, don’t complain, wait for another chance from Allah to make things right.

All Allah SWT wants from us is to see us succeed in the Akhira (the Hereafter). It’s all in His plan. I’m only giving you a couple of examples of what could happen as tests, but it’s up to the Almighty to decide what exactly will happen in your life.

“Allah tested Nuh with a flood,

Ibrahim with a fire,

Ya’qub with blindness,

Yusuf with separation,

Ayyub with illness,

Musa with tyrants,

Harun with betrayal,

Yunus with patience,

Sulayman with a kingdom,

& Dawud with war (AS).

Tests will come. Never say, “why me?”




DISCLAIMER: Dose of Deen(a) is a personal blog feature and is in no way a religious or legal reference. For any matters involving Islamic law, please contact your local Imam.

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