My Eczema Skincare Routine

I've grown up constantly getting scolded by my parents to take care of my skin because of its sensitivity. I used to get so annoyed. I always thought, "you don't have it, you don't understand" or it's because of the stress of exams/life that my skin is getting so bad. I always had someone or something to … Continue reading My Eczema Skincare Routine

Travel Diaries | Toronto & Chicago, USA & Canada

Hi guys, I'm back! I apologize for being so MIA the past few months -- with Ramadan, summer classes, one of my good friend's wedding coming up, and also fitting in family time, it's been hard to keep up with the blog, but give me a follow over on Instagram (@deenafarr), I'm constantly updating it! … Continue reading Travel Diaries | Toronto & Chicago, USA & Canada